{ Getting used to the pain }

Please help me so that I can say goodbye to everyone and bid farewell with a smile

The moment I've always dreamed about breaks down and after everyone I believed would stay by me, leaves

The hardest thing is watching someone you love, love someone else

The pieces of my memory if among them, just one, just one moment became strength to me

Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know its time to learn how to face things alone

They believe in my fake smiles and get suprised when I say I'm depressed

Am I not so good at hiding and controlling my feelings or are you just another liar saying you will help me if I tell you the truth?

( H E A R T B R O K E N )

I don't deserve this pain
Watashi ni tsuite

In case you go far away, in case you might dislike me I wanted to tell you but my lips would not move In case you go far away, I am scared What if our relationship gets really awkward and we grow far apart?

Chatto bokkusu!

Pā~tsu to yarou

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" I wish "
Monday, August 14, 2017 | 22:18 | 0 comments
Salam. it's been a year i guess. Long time no see blog. Long time no see. Well, i can't say that i 100% move on from you. Always hope that you missing me like i missing you.

"Missing you damn much"

Selalu ingat kan dia. Bau perfume dia. Layanan. Cara dia pujuk. I miss how your act like a kid who want my attention 24/7. I know im not supposed to say this but i still hoping that we back being together. Like old times.

" I wish "

I'll wait for you. Biar lah berapa lama pun berlalu, ill. I can't forget you srsly. How i wish you feel what i feel. How i wish i know what's in your heart. Your mind. 

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